- Math is a LAW, it is not subjective. If the final answer is wrong, then it's wrong. It doesn't matter if everyone feels good about the steps you took to get to that wrong answer.

…By the way, 'Mental Math' is done in your head. Don't write out your steps, I don't care what the assignment says, I'll deal with the teacher if need be.

- Once you've learned cursive, you will continue to write in cursive, regardless of your teacher's instructions.

- You will only take tests that measure your skills so that the teacher may review your progress. That's it! You will not waste time on tests that are meant to measure others.

- If you see the word 'Citizen', you are being manipulated.

- There is no such thing as global warming or climate change, it has been dis-proven. Any references to these are attempts to manipulate your behavior.

- Do not allow anyone to take ANYTHING from your body, finger prints, hand scans, eye scans, saliva…and anything else I didn't think of.

- The Constitution is the supreme law of the land (not the United Declaration of Human Rights). It's not there to feel good or to ensure fair results. It is there, in part, to make sure no one takes away your God given rights (or natural rights of man).

- Do not reveal personal information about our family, it's nobody's business. This includes things like our political affiliation, whether or not we possess firearms, our religion and so on.

- If you see anything that you think is strange, wrong or inappropriate, bring it to my attention immediately.

- Gwendolynn Britt

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Update: First off, I posted this to underscore the fact that YOUR children should know YOUR stance on things that are important to YOUR family. This is MY list for MY children. Your children should know what you value and why.


Secondly, I do not believe in man-made climate change and this seems to fah-reak a lot of people out. Here's a thought, whether or not I believe in man-made climate change does not actually influence the climate. In other words, its no skin off your nose so don't get your knickers in a twist. By the way, Greenpeace thinks this is a load of crap too.