PARENTS you need to know this, it is in regards to fingerprinting and retina scanning at school (which is happening more and more in NY State): The FERPA privacy law was changed last year to accommodate the PARCC Agreement (common core).

Change #1: Instead of keeping individual student info private within the district or state, and reporting aggregate student data, PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE STUDENT DATA will be entered into a state database that links to other states, the Fed and over 200 other agencies.

Change #2: The definition of Personally Identifiable Information has changed to include: "Biometric Record," which includes, "Biological or behavioral characteristics including fingerprints, retina and iris patterns, voiceprints, DNA SEQUENCE, Facial Characteristics, and handwriting. (Authority 20 USC, 1232g)

And here is the ringer: section 99.7(a) was changed to say that they NO LONGER NEED PARENT CONSENT to gather this data.

Tell your children to refuse the collection of this data and to have the school call you, otherwise, you won't know about it until after it has happened. You and your children have a right to privacy, and you have a right to prevent your child's personal data from being sold to outside vendors...regardless of what section 99.7(a) says...…

- Gwendolynn Britt

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