16 CAREER CLUSTERS – by the 8th grade it will be determined which of the 16 Career clusters your child will be enrolled in (they haven't done this yet, but they are setting it up). The determination as to which cluster they belong to will be made by the following – the child's test scores, what we need to strengthen the US economy and what will increase our competitiveness worldwide.

These are the clusters -http://www.careervision.org/resources/care…

PROPAGANDA – Common Core is LOADED with propaganda: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect.

When you skew the information that is being presented by omitting information and only presenting items that support your cause, this becomes propaganda.

Teaching our children the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is FINE.
Only teaching the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights without focusing on our Declaration of Independence is BAD

Teaching our children that Che Guevara was a revolutionary is FINE
Omitting the fact that he was a mass murderer is BAD

Teaching our children to be "good citizens" is FINE
Coercing them to sacrifice their individualism in order to be "good citizens" is BAD

For other examples of propaganda/indoctrination, go to:


EXPENSE – The total nationwide cost for 7 years of the Common Core Standards Initiative is $15.8 billion. This includes the cost to states of CCS Testing, Professional Development, Textbooks, and Technology. The taxpayers in each of the 45 states (and D. C.) that have committed to the Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI) will be left "holding the bag" because our federal government with a national debt of $16 trillion cannot come in and alleviate the cost to the states.

For more information on Common Core Costs go to:http://www.educationviews.org/states-taxpaye…https://www.facebook.com/groups/3904976…

HIGH STAKES TESTING – Standardized testing has come to dominate our schools and severely compromises a teacher's ability to do their job. Teachers have been forced to adopt inferior test-oriented teaching practices that take too much time away from classroom activities to accommodate endless practice tests. Where teachers were once able to inspire and motivate students to become passionate creative thinkers, they are now forced to teach scripted, (literally) mind numbing, and fast paced common core material which leaves no room for the teachers to teach to the individual student. They feel like drones, force feeding the kids for hours upon hours of test prep work. These tests do not have any educational value. They are simply used to evaluate teachers, principals, and schools. This one score can mean the end of a career, this results in months upon months of test prepping.

For more information on High Stakes Testing

DATA MINING – Over 400 data points are being collected on our children. Some of them make sense; some of them are incredibly intrusive and have no business being collected. Some of the more offense data points:
religious affiliation
ability grouping
physical characteristics
bus stop times
languages and dialects spoken
number of attempts at a given assignment
delinquent status
non-school activity involvement
meal type
screen name
maternal last name
voting status
marital status
cause of death

For more info on the data points, go to:http://nces.ed.gov/forum/datamode…

MATH – The math has been altered in such a way as to make answers less important and the process/discussion leading up to the answer more important. In this way they can enforce that there are no absolutes. Math is no longer a law, it's a squishy idea. The math is peppered with propaganda. The parents can't even help their children with their homework because it's so convoluted. This makes the parent look foolish in their children's eyes and the children must rely on the authorities to provide answers.

Instead of learning proper foundations, like memorizing multiplication tables, they learn every technique to AVOID actually learning foundational material. It's all about alternate methods, without focusing on basics.

For more info on CC Math, go to:

- Gwendolynn Britt

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